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Rational use of lubricants when operating slag ball mill

Date:2018-06-02 16:03    Source:Clirik

The use of lubricants is an indispensable part of slag ball mill routine maintenance. The reason is that the lubricants can improve the efficiency of the equipment and prolong the ball mill’s service life. But make sure that the use of lubricants should be controlled with a certain quantity. Here, this article will share some significant notices when using lubricants.
First, as for the slag ball mill that has just finished working, it should be maintained for more than 2 hours when the equipment is maintained and the lubricant is used to improve the working environment between the inner parts of its internal parts. This will help to fully maintain the ball mill equipment.
Second, in order to use a proper amount of lubricants and improve the production efficiency of the mill equipment, it is very important to adopt a reasonable lubrication method. Overuse of lubricants not only causes the waste of resources, but pollutes the working environment.
By conclusion, the use of professional lubricants to maintain the equipment is very important. Developing a good habit of lubricating this equipment is as important as improving the machine’s technology.
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