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When the temperature increases inside the cement ball mill

Date:2018-07-10 11:13    Source:Clirik

Cement ball mill is one of the necessary equipment in cement plant. But the heating problem has confused the customers sometimes.
First, the abrasion resistance of materials decreases with the increase of temperature. In the area with high degree of fineness in the mill, the micro particles of cement will be rubbed with each other to produce electrostatic adsorption. In addition to the cohesion of each other, the particles are adsorbed on the grinding body to form a buffer layer, which reduces the grinding effect of the cement grinding mill. When the grinding is stopped, the large temperature difference on the grinding body is caused, so the significant thermal stress and thermal deformation are produced, and even the damage of the cement ball mill machine parts is caused. When the thermal deformation is made to stop the grinding, it produces the intersecting force, and forms the current pulsation and the vibration of its own. The heat of the cement ball mill is passed on to the main bearing so that the temperature of the main bearing is raised and the maintenance is difficult.
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