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Different Types of Ball Mills

Date:2017-10-12 10:47    Source:Clirik

There are many types of ball mill on the market. Today, let's introduce three of these

Lattice ball mill

Lattice type feldspar ball mill in the discharging end is provided with grid plate is composed of a plurality of fan hole plate, the width of grate hole is 7mm-20mm, the ore by a grate hole into the grid plate and the end cover in the space between, and then by lifting plate will enhance the material upward along the plate material for slide after the conical block and right to the hollow shaft discharge machine.

ball mill
Pneumatic ball mill

The wind discharging ball mill materials from the feeding port into the ball mill, grinding and grinding on the impact of material, material from the mill inlet gradually moving to the outlet, the outlet end is connected with the wind pipe, in tandem with the import separator, separator, dust collector and fan, when the wind starts discharging when in operation, low negative pressure relative to the mill body, broke ground material with the wind from the outlet into the pipeline system, the separator separating granules thicker after re imported into the ball, already ground material is separated by the separator recycling.
ball mill

Double chamber type ball mill

Double chamber type feldspar ball mill material through a hollow shaft neck is not directly into the cylinder inside the ball medium, but when the cylinder is in a certain speed to rotate around the horizontal axis began sorting further, the bulk material into broken storehouse and small pieces of material through the conveyor into grinding storehouse. So, when their own gravity is greater than the centrifugal force, will be from the cylinder wall sputtering or rolled down, thus the impact force on the line will be broken for work according to the different needs of different chambers.

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