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Clirik fly ash ball mill

Date:2018-06-27 16:15    Source:Clirik

The power plant usually uses fly ash dry separation technology to separate the original ash to get finer ash, but the coarse ash after separation (about 65% of the average fineness) is not fully utilized. It is generally discharged or sold at low price.
The ball mill can make the coarse fly ash to be grinded into a higher fineness, so that the purpose of full use of fly ash could be achieved. After being processed, the fly ash could replace the consumption of coal, electricity and limestone of some cement, reduce the cost of concrete and protect the environment. Therefore, the ball mill will surely receive more and more attention.
In order to improve the utilization rate of fly ash, Shanghai Clirik Machinery company has developed this powder mill, so as to ensure that fly ash is fully grinded with stable production and high yield. The fly ash mill machine produced by Clirik has been improved all the time to meet the market demands.
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