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Help yourself with small problems of ball mill

Date:2018-06-13 17:31    Source:Clirik

It is a waste of time to wait for the professional technicians to repair the ball mill while there are some problems that are easy to fix.
What should we do when there is regular knocking and loud noise? It is part of the liner bolt that is not tightened. At this time, you can find the position of loosing screw according to the noise. Sometimes, there is a great vibration when the ball mill reducer drives the mill.
The possible reason is that the second-time grouting is ignored, or the anchor bolt was not fastened after second-time grouting. And the drum body will be rotated with the winch, causing the displacement of the end of the mil. Besides, then the two axle center will not be in a straight line, so the reducer was driven to produce vibration after the mill. The method is to readjust the axle center of the ball mill.
Thirdly, the large ball mill has large volume and heavy weight, which causes the foundation to sink. It is necessary that monitor settlement points are to be set up beside the foundation; observation is carried out and adjustments are made when sinking occurs.
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